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Second Passports For You And Your Family With Second Citizenship Investment

Protect Yourself and Your Family with a Second Citizenship

Travel, investments, personal security and freedom can all be enhanced by dual citizenship and a new passport. You can obtain a second citizenship legally by investing in the financial future of a country. This will help you to combat any challenges that you are facing in your home country and this has provided an abundance of newfound freedom to global investors, entrepreneurs, professionals and their families.

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You should obtain a legal 2nd citizenship if this applies to you:

  • It is difficult or impossible to obtain travel visas in your home country due to political issues.
  • There are punitive currency controls that you are subjected to.
  • In your home country there is a high tax burden.
  • There is a risk that your assets could be seized via litigation.
  • You could be a target of hostile groups because of the passport that you hold.
  • Your current citizenship restricts your freedom to invest or work wherever you choose.

If you hold a second citizenship and passport you will be armed with all of the documentation that you require if the need arises and you will sleep better at night.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider obtaining a second nationality and 2nd passports. A second passport citizenship through investment is now being sought by many intelligent entrepreneurs and professionals throughout the world and the countries that offer this have few restrictions when it comes to awarding citizenship.

It is known as “International Diversification” and it is on an upward trend among smart people who only currently hold one citizenship. They know that once they have everything in place for multiple citizenship they have a quick exit route into a more secure environment should things go wrong in their home country.

Some people do not believe that such oppression from their home governments really exists. History has taught us otherwise. There are recent examples of where citizens of the so called “free” countries have had their passports confiscated as well as their assets. If you know how to get a second citizenship legally and how to get a second passport then you are on the path to freedom.

Multiple Citizenship by Investment in the Caribbean

Providing that you qualify based upon an in depth background check, there are a few countries in the Caribbean where you can obtain second citizenship and a second passport in only a few months.

These countries are the Commonwealth of Dominica, the island of Grenada, the trendy Antigua and Barbuda and the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. All of these are sovereign countries in the eastern Caribbean that provide legal and established citizenship by real estate investment programs. Our company is your local representative on the islands. Our decades of experience of island living along with an in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements, means we are ideally placed to be your eyes, ears and advisors in the Caribbean.

The process of obtaining second citizenship and second passports in these countries via real estate investment is straight forward but you cannot do it alone. You will need the help of a licensed agent who operates in the country that you want to apply to.

RE+C has agents in all four countries and has twenty years of experience assisting hundreds of clients obtain legal second citizenship through investment in real estate. There are other websites that will offer you the world but you need to be very careful who you choose to assist you in this matter. There are many scam artists out there unfortunately. We will willingly supply copies of our licenses to you and you can check us out in other ways.

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