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Levera Beach Resort Grenada and all the perks that comes with it

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This past week during the IV Caribbean Citizenship Summit that lasted from November 3rd until the 10th, in Dominica, Grenada and St. Lucia, we finally had the pleasure to introduce one of the best projects yet.

Levera Beach Resort Grenada took everyone by the heart, not only is the resort beautifully design and environmental friendly, it will also provide hundreds of new jobs for the people of Grenada.


The ground breaking ceremony of Levera Beach Resort took place last Friday, where many came to celebrate the future that this resort will bring to the economy of Grenada.

Among many investors and community members, Prime Minister Dr.Keith Mitchell was one of the attendees who came to celebrate the begging of this new journey.

“We guarantee you that it will continue to move forward from this point on. We have put our heart, our soul, our money, everything that we can into this and we’ve got many wonderful people who are starting to join us,” said Randy Oveson, one of the investors.

“We have already started the project. We’ve had over 10 workers, working for close to a year, cleaning the project. We have cut new roads. We are already cutting the foundation site pads, for the first 14 cottages,” added Robert Martin, another partner investor.


This magnificent project is composed of a 375–acre, multi-million-dollar hotel and residential project approved under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The development will be divided into four different phases and each phase will be an exciting journey to make this hotel a perfect home to many of the families coming to visit Grenada or those who are looking for a vacation home.

“As the first phase is opened there will be over 100 people employed, in this very place, and when the entire project is done, it’ll provide over 400 jobs to the island of Grenada,” Oveson added.

The first phase will include the Turtle Beach Resort, which will encompass an 80-unit Boutique hotel, 40 hotel cottages, 20 Casitas and Villas, restaurants — including 2 farm–to–table restaurants, pools, spa and organic orchard.

Levera is adjacent to the Levera National Park, an important wildlife habitat, and developers have stressed that the project is “dedicated to the preservation of its surroundings,” including plans for green energy (including wind and solar power), recycling, composting and water reclamation, along with an on-site EcoCenter.

“As activities increase, the pathway — Levera’s activity — the locals enjoying the beauty of this place, will expand,” Prime Minister Keith Mitchell said.

“The little shops around different parts, whether it’s Hermitage, River Sallee, the Sauteurs town, the hairdressing businesses, the tailors, the carpenter’s different persons will in fact benefit and, of course, the retail sector”.

Since the summit, Levera Beach Resort has gained a lot of publicity because of the possibilities for the future and for the many different perks that come with it. For of them are listed below:


  • Private pool (for additional cost)
  • Outdoor shower
  • HDTV and stereo
  • Solar Panels
  • Low energy lightening
  • Bio-climate design to maximize air
  • Beautiful views
  • Spa facilities
  • Organic orchard
  • Big indoor and outdoor living space
  • Exquisite wildlife
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