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INTERVIEW Ian “Sugar George” Edwards, Managing Director of  Sunset Homes Developer of Tranquility Beach Curio – A Collection by Hilton

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Tranquility Beach Dominica is a prestigious environmentally-sensitive residential resort of first class accommodation quality.  Contemporary clean lines mark the architecture and construction of this development, which will comprise exclusive one and two-bedroom condominium suites, studio suites and one, two and three bedroom villas couched in a full-service setting.

A diverse range of amenities and services complete this vacation setting: a world-class spa and wellness center and gym, a fine dining restaurant, a large swimming pool, gift shop, private gated entry, parking facilities and a reception office.


The Principals of Tranquility Beach, Ian Edwards of Sunset Homes and Neil Freeman of Aries Capital have formed a powerful partnership to spearhead this property development and provide sound leadership for its strategic direction and completion. Edwards is a globally awarded Architectural Designer and Property Developer with a distinguished 25-year track record of success in developing luxury properties in the Caribbean.

Likewise, Aries Capital, a highly-regarded US firm, has attracted significant accolades by virtue of their accomplishments in the real estate, hotel ownership, and financing arenas.

Not long ago Edwards and Freeman announced that Curio –  A Collection by Hilton a well-respected international hotel brand is contracted and on board to operate the hotel upon completion.

We met with Ian to chat about the project and his marketing vision of it. 

TECJ: Why Dominica? 

Ian: I am a born Dominican who has lived overseas for some time and have always had the desire to make a hallmark on my homeland bringing the experiences and expertise that I have gathered over the years. For me in my profession, this means designing and building a property of remarkable quality that can contribute to the socioeconomic advancement of my homeland. So along with my professional commitment to this project, I also have a personal passion to see this project come to successful fruition.  Dominica is a destination where the authorities have a commitment to upholding the integrity and sustainability of the Citizenship program which makes it an attractive place for win-win opportunities for the investor, the Developer and the country.

TECJ: What is the construction projection for this development?

Ian: Construction is planned to start towards the end of 2016 and once sales are going as planned, there will be an aggressive 3-year construction timeline.

TECJ: Can you share some details on the investment options

 available for this project?

Ian: We are selling interests in preferred shares within the overall project, as opposed to selling individual condos or villa units’ freehold. The property will operate it as a hotel so investors purchase the right to a share in future profits of the hotel operation.

Each interest is selling for USD $220k plus administrative, legal and government fees. Investors also get Hilton Gold status and Hilton Honors points that can be redeemed anywhere around the world for stays at Hilton properties.

TECJ: Who is the potential investor in Tranquility Beach Curio?

Ian: We are currently receiving a lot of interest from discerning individuals and families around the world who want to enjoy the benefits of travel and freedom that this Citizenship brings. Visa-free travel to over 140 countries enhances the hassle-free life experiences that our clients can enjoy. It is an attractive lifestyle product.


Tranquility Beach is a government approved real estate project in the Commonwealth of Dominica under the Citizenship by Investment Program.
This property offers the sale of undivided shares within the overall project. An investment in shares of this stunning property also gives you access to apply for citizenship of Dominica, opening up myriads of travel and business opportunities for you and your family.

One share in Tranquility Beach is US$ 220,000 and qualifies investor and his family for Dominica CBI programme

The government processing fees for Dominica Citizenship through investment in real estate is as follows:

  • Main applicant: US$ 50,000
  • Spouse: US$ 25,000
  • Child 0-18 y.o.: US$ 20,000
  • Dependent 18-28 or 55+ years of age: US$ 25,000

In case, of real estate investment, government processing fees will apply. For a family of 4, the application fee is US$ 75,000.  For a family of 6 the application fee is US$ 100,000.

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