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Dominica Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Program

Prior to 1993, granting of citizenship for the Commonwealth of Dominica was only available to persons who had been resident in Dominica for a period of five years. The Dominica Economic Citizenship program was initiated in 1993 and the requirement for residency was abolished. The Naturalization and Citizenship Act was amended so that with approved investment applicants could obtain a Commonwealth of Dominica citizenship. All applications for citizenship are processed by the Dominica Financial Services Unit (FSU) which are part of the Ministry of Finance. Click here for more details about the Program.

Click here for more details about the Program.

Key points about the real estate option to qualify for citizenship

  • The minimum investment in the real estate is US$200,000.
  • Real estate shall be in a Government-approved development.
  • Acquired real estate shall not be sold within three (3) years.
  • Nearly all approved projects provide a managed rental program.

Key Facts About The Dominica Programme

  • Dominica is hands down the most affordable economic citizenship programmes in the world.
  • Open to nearly all nationalities. (Contact us for current restrictions) Citizens of sanctioned countries who have not resided in their countries of origin for at least 8+ years are considered on a case by case basis.
  • Information on obtaining Dominica citizenship and passport is confidential: it shall never be either disclosed to any third parties or published.
  • Dominica Citizenship is granted for life.
  • A Dominica Passport is valid for ten (10) years (child’s passport – five (5) years): after that it may easily be renewed.
  • Dominica requires the Principal Applicant either to travel to Dominica for a personal interview, or to cover travel expenses for the interview committee to meet the applicant in a mutually convenient city elsewhere in the world (eg Dubai or Hong Kong)
  • No residency requirement for those who obtained Dominica citizenship.
  • No taxes on non-residents of Dominica, while residents of Dominica are subject to taxes on income generated in Dominica.

Advantages Of Dominica Citizenship

  • Instant and irrevocable citizenship
  • Personal Freedom
  • Security
  • Instant visa-free travel to more than 100 countries and territories, including:
    • EU countries (to be added upon approval)
    • Schengen Area countries (to be added upon approval)
    • UK
    • Hong Kong
    • Singapore.
  • Right to reside permanently in Dominica.

Eligible Persons

Investors (or applicants) must:

  • be over twenty 18 years of age
  • be of outstanding character
  • have at least a basic knowledge of English
  • have made an investment of the prescribed amount
  • have a Government Approved Economic Citizenship Agent (or Local Agent).

The whole family (Dependents) of the Main Applicant can be included in one application. There is no numerical limit on the number of Dependents provided they are the following persons fully supported by the Main Applicant:

  • Spouse of the Main Applicant
  • Child under eighteen (18) years of age of the Main Applicant or Spouse
  • Child above eighteen (18) years of age and physically or mentally challenged
  • Child of the Main Applicant or Spouse between eighteen (18) and twenty-five (25) years who is in full time attendance at a recognized institution of higher learning
  • Parents or Grandparents of the Main Applicant or Spouse above the age of sixty-five (65) and living with him.

Note that Dominica does not recognize same sex marriage.

Investment Options

I. Real Estate Option

To apply for citizenship under this option, which came into effect in January 2014, you must invest a minimum of US$200,000 in real estate. Funds for your real estate purchase are placed in escrow and released only after your application for citizenship is approved. Children under the age of 18yo and adult dependents are eligible under the same criteria as the contribution option.

A registration fee of US$50,000 applies to the main applicant, US$25,000 for the applicant’s spouse, US$20,000 for each child under 18yo, and US$50,000 for each adult dependent. You may live in the dwelling you purchase or rent it out – nearly all approved projects provide a managed rental program. Fixed fees and due diligence fees (as described below) are also applied. In addition, you may have to pay a few more thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

After three years, you may sell the real estate without forfeiting your citizenship. However, you may not sell the real estate to another individual seeking to use it to qualify for economic citizenship for at least five years after you purchase it.

You must purchase real estate in developments that have received governmental approval for the citizenship-by-investment program.

II. Economic Contribution

The Dominica citizenship programme requires making an economic contribution to the country. This investment benefits social development programs and supports the country’s financial security. The non-refundable financial contribution in US dollars varies depending on the number of applicants as follows:

Package A US$100,000 for a Single Applicant
Package B US$175,000 for One Applicant and their Spouse
Package C US$200,000 for One Applicant, their Spouse and 2 Children below 18 years of age
Package D US$200,000 for One Applicant, their Spouse and more than 2 Children below 18 years of age + US$20,000 (for each third and further child below the age of 18 years of age) + US$50,000 (for each Dependent as stated above).

These contributions:

  • Are non refundable
  • Will be required to be deposited into the authorized account at the National Bank of Dominica

A full refund will be made if the application for citizenship is not approved.

Fixed Fees

Non-refundable Application fee main applicant/investor  US$1,000 
Non-refundable Processing Fee each applicant  US$200 
Naturalization Fee each applicant  US$550 
Stamp Fee  each applicant  US$15 

Fees For Due Diligence Checks

Fees for due diligence checks are not fixed. They vary dependent upon the size of the family, the ages of the family members, where their current citizenship is held etc. Amounts fromUS$5,000 to US$15,000 per family are typical, but this can be more expensive. At RE+C we can assist you in obtaining a formal quotation from the independent due diligence agency (which is government assigned) prior to the submission of your application. All fees for the due diligence checks must be paid directly to the due diligence agency by the applicant.

Interview Costs

An interview is required as part of the application process. There is no extra cost for this if the applicant travels to Dominica for the interview.

Professional Fees

Citizenship applications are submitted on behalf of applicants by the registered agents licensed to do so. Thus, applicants can not apply themselves for Dominica citizenship and passport.

Our local agent’s professional services fees are fixed at the amount of US$20,000 for a single applicant and US$25,000 for the whole family. The following services are included in the said fees: advising on the preparation of documents, providing original forms re application, providing all the samples of other documents, checking the correctness of the competion of documents, submitting documents for consideration of the FSU and following through until the completion of the whole process.

Timeline And Process

It can take approximately four (4) to six (6) months from the moment you make a submission via your approved agent until you receive notification of your citizenship. This is typical but processing times can vary depending on each individual application, when applicants can be interviewed and the current Government policy. NB: RE+C shall not be responsible for any information in this document as official legislation and policy is subject to change without prior notice.

Dominica Passport Application And Requirements

Once the application is approved, an applicant receives a Certificate of Naturalization confirming the grant of citizenship. After that the applicant may apply for an Dominica passport just like any other citizen of the country. RE+C as your on-island representative can arrange this process with a power of attorney. Once Dominica passport has expired, it can be renewed through one of the embassies, consulates or high commission offices of Dominica in:

  • Miami (USA)
  • New York (USA)
  • Washington DC (USA)
  • London (UK)
  • Havana (Cuba)
  • Toronto (Canada)

Make you application today for a Dominica second citizenship by contacting us here.

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