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Citizenship in the Nature Island – Dominica

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A volcanically active island located in the lesser Antilles, Dominica is aptly known as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”. This island is one of the most beautiful in the world and is largely covered by thick rainforest and spotted with hot sulfur springs img_4546

Simply stated, Dominica is picturesque.  A diver’s dream and a hiker’s paradise, Dominica in its unspoiled beauty is unlike any other Caribbean destination. Known as “The Nature Island,” tropical rainforests cover more than two-thirds of the island, offering a home to more than 1,200 plant species

Averaging only 50,000 visitors a year, tourism is still in its infancy in Dominica, where the principal economic generator continues to be in the agricultural sector. The majority of citizens have gardens, and those that don’t can rely upon their neighbors that do.

Community markets, likewise, offer a wide variety of produce: bananas, plantains, mangos, oranges, grapefruit, limes, pineapples and a variety of other fruits and vegetables support Dominica’s economy.


Created as a stimulus for domestic economic growth in 1993, Dominica Citizenship by Investment is one of the most affordable legal programmes available to the global community. The highly reputable Citizenship by Investment programme in Dominica invites investors of good character to make an economic contribution to Dominica; in exchange, the applicant and their family are eligible to obtain full citizenship of the country, within the strict guidelines of the law. The Citizenship by Investment programme is set out in the regulations published pursuant to Section 101 of the Constitution and Sections 8 and 20 (1) of The Citizenship Act.



  • Quick processing: A lifetime citizenship and new passport is granted in 3–4 months.
  • Low cost: Dominica offers one of the most affordable legal programmes available to the global community.
  • Good visa-free travel: The Dominica passport allows visa-free travel to more than 135 countries.
  • Zero tax: The island has no income, wealth or inheritance taxes.
  • Privacy: The application process is confidential.
  • Hassle-free: There is no requirement to visit Dominica in order to qualify for citizenship


  • A minimum of US$ 200,000 into a government approved real estate investment is required
  • Exceptional personal and business references
  • Substantial financial history
  • Police reports and background checks with no criminal record
  • Good health and medical checkup

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